Corporation History

Amana Fashion Group‘s home base is Narayanganj – a township hosting the largest river port of Bangladesh. Besides, Narayanganj has been one of the largest centers for textiles and garments in this subcontinent ever since the middle age when it was world famous for its ethereal Muslin. This tradition Subsequently has ultimately continued to turn Narayanganj into an obvious place for knitwear industry – the country’s most vibrant industrial epic today. A busy port, a rich tradition, availability of skilled artisans, and a range of other facilities, amenities and possibilities have made Narayanganj the ideal place for Amana Fashion Group.

It launched its very humble journey in 1996. That potential embryo, by virtue of futuristic entrepreneurship, dedication to quality, commitment to excellence, adoption of state-of-the-art technology, and keen focus on customers’ satisfaction, could very rapidly metamorphose into a large corporate entity, in its most modern sense, just in few years.

Since its inception, Amana Fashion has never stopped growing – in quality, quantity, and everything in between. Over the last couple of years, conceding to its growth requirement, using most contemporary machines and equipment of German, Swiss, USA, Japan, Italy, China and UK origin, it has nearly doubled its capacity. Highly skilled and dedicated human resource, most contemporary western machinery as well as IT and automation have optimized both of its costing and operational efficiency.

Amana Fashion Provides You Manufacturing & supply chain solution for your clothing business.

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